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Biomimetism and Regenerative Medicine Team (BRM)

Published on 26 February 2024

We are engineering biomaterials and surfaces to guide cellular fate. We mimic specific features of natural tissues, notably their biochemical and physical properties. Using stem cells and engineered biomaterials, we perform fundamental studies in vitro in collaboration with biochemists and cell biologists, and applied studies in vivo in collaboration with clinicians. We aim to understand how growth factors, chemokines, adhesion proteins and glycosaminoglycans can cooperate in the extracellular matrix (ECM) to orient cell fate. We optimize 3D scaffolds for applications in regenerative medicine for bone tissue engineering and cancer therapeutics.

Researchers and Staff
Catherine Picart, CEA Researcher - Biography
Elisa Migliorini, CNRS Researcher - Biography
Paul Machillot, CNRS Assistant Engineer - Biography
Lisa Marchadier, INSERM Fixed-term contract

Irene Arnaldos Perez - PhD Student
Florian Bitterolf - PhD St​udent
Elisa Lambert - Postdoc fellow
Nathan Thibieroz - PhD Student

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