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Former students and collaborators

Published on 22 March 2022
Sanela Morand, M2, clinician, 2018-2019
Jean Le Pennec, M2 student, 2019
Isabelle Paintrand, Research Engineer, CNRS, retired in November 2018 
Julius Sefkow-Werner, PhD student, 2018-2021 
Antalya Ho-Shui Ling, PhD student, 2015-2018
Mirasbek Kuterbekov, PhD student, 2015-2018
Virginie Lafontaine, M2, clinician, 2016-2017
Vincent Fitzpatrick, PhD student, 2014-2017
Quentin Lubart, PhD student, 2013-2016
Raphael Guillot, R&D Engineer, 2010-2014
Amy Wagoner-Johnson, visiting professor 2014-2015
Laurence Rustom, PhD student, Univ Illinois Urbana-Champain, visiting student, 2015
Carole Fournier, post-doc, 2015-2016
Anne Valat, PhD student, 2013-2016
Flora Gilde, PhD student, 2011-2014
Laure Fourel, PhD student, 2009-2012