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Research axes of the team

Published on 14 April 2023
Research projects
Our team project links basic research to its translation into patients thanks to our strong interaction with clinicians at the CHUGA and national reference centers. It relies on the study of isolated proteins or molecular complexes, cellular models (2D and 3D), preclinical tumor models and patient samples. We have integrated Systems Biology to better decipher the complex links between molecular alterations and phenotypes of ACC and ccRCC, with the aim of identifying prognostic biomarkers that would allow better patient management.

Main objectives
(1) To characterize the molecular mechanisms established by CK2 protein kinase and microRNAs to promote aggressiveness of kidney cancer and adrenocortical cancer in relation to the tumor ecosystem;
(2) To develop innovative therapeutic strategies targeting microRNAs and CK2 protein kinase in ACC and ccRCC;
(3) To identify new diagnostic or prognostic biomarkers based on omics data in the context of precision medicine in oncology;
(4) To develop innovative medical devices for diagnostic/prognostic purposes (microfluidic metastasis trap chip).