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Staff of the MAB2 team

Published on 16 March 2022

Nadia Alfaidy (INSERM Research Director)
Christel Marquette (CEA Engineer, Researcher)
Mohamed Benharouga (UGA Research teacher)

Pascale Hoffmann (PU-PH)
Tiphaine Barjat (MCU-PH)
Thierry Michy (PH)
Bobou Camara (PH)

Frédéric Sergent (CEA)
Nicolas Lemaitre (UGA)

Marie Chevallier (Master 1)
Constance Collet (PhD Student)
Morgane Desseux (Master 2)
Margaux Digonnet (PhD Student)
Kevin Gemy (PhD Student)
Itani Ghida (Master1)
Laurie Girard (Master 1)
Marie Lamourette (BTS)
Zineb Mahrougui (Master 2)
Marine Obeid Stage (Stagiaire L2)
Marc Vassal (Master 1)
Mohammad Wehbi (Master 2)
Karen Yaccoub (Master 2)
Hadi Younes (PhD Student)

March 11, 2022 - Cohesion outing at Carençons