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Main funding of the team

Published on 22 July 2021

Team FRM 2021-2024: "Respective roles of BMP9 and BMP10 in vascular homeostasis and rare vascular pathologies: Rendu-Osler disease and pulmonary hypertension"

2021-2025 ANR: SMAD4pathy (Mécanismes pathogéniques associés aux anomalies cardiovasculaires dans les SMAD4pathies)

H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions, VA Cure (EU-funded international training network aiming to uncover core mechanisms of initiation and maintenance of Vascular Anomalies). VA Cure presentation.

2021-2025 ANR JC N. Ricard: ENQUIRE (Mechanisms of endothelial quiescence: towards new targets in Rendu-Osler diseas

Association Maladie de Rendu-Osler (AMRO) 2020-2022 (Rendu-Osler Disease Association)