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Research engineer (LTE)

Modelling and characterization of a model aerosol containing viral particles

Published on 2 September 2021
The Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies Commission (CEA) is a public scientific, technical and industrial research body (EPIC). Major player in research, development and innovation, the CEA operates in four areas: defense and security, low carbon energies, technological research for industry, and fundamental research. Relying on its recognized expertise, the CEA is involved in setting up collaborative projects with numerous academic and industrial partners.
In the framework of a multidisciplinary project, the CEA Fundamental Research Division, in collaboration with the CEA LETI et the CEA LITEN, develops novel approaches toward the characterization of viral particles in aerosol phase, a highly important current issue.

We are seeking a research engineer specialized in fluid mechanics to take charge of two critical tasks in this project:
1. Conception and production of a model aerosol containing nanoparticles (inactivated virus).
2. Numerical simulations (Comsol) of an interface allowing efficient sampling of viral particles in an aerosol.
The applicant will interact with a multidisciplinary team composes of experts in aerosol generation, chemists and biologists specialized in viruses.

Other information
This limited term position (12 months) is based at CEA Grenoble, France. Starting date: November 2021.

You are an engineer or scientist (PhD) specialized in fluid dynamics. You are proficient in numerical simulations (Comsol), and have a good understanding of nanoscale processes. You favor transversality, teamwork, and possess strong analytical and priority management skills. A prior experience in aerosol characterization and basic knowledge of biology would be advantageous.

Christophe Masselon [CEA-IRIG] - +33 4 38 78 10 92
Sébastien Artous [CEA-LITEN] - +33 4 38 78 52 80
Sébastien Hentz [CEA-LETI] - +33 4 38 78 28 91