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3D Bioimpression

Published on 20 August 2020
Project leaders

Amandine Pitaval

Phone: 33 (0)4 38 78 50 91
Vincent Haguet

Phone: 33 (0)4 38 78 23 86

Laboratory of Biology and Biotechnology for Health
17 avenue des Martyrs
38 054 Grenoble
Phone: 33 (0)4 38 78 97 96

On the long term our project is to develop a 3D bio printer that enable precision cell therapy directly onto damaged tissues inside the human body. This science-fiction-like long term view, should be addressed first by realistic and pragmatic experiments of 3D bio impression of skin or corneal cells that we are currently performing. Several pathologies such as diabetes, diffuse scleroderma, etc…, exhibit cutaneous ulcers, which cannot heal spontaneously and represent a major concern in public health because of the absence of therapy. On a medium term our project aims at 3D printing stem cells directly onto the damaged epidermis.